Las Lomas Ranch

A little about us..

The closest thing to hunting Old Mexico and still being in the United States. Las Lomas Ranch is located only minutes from the Rio Grande river, in deep South Texas. The ranch is a combination of rolling hills and mesquite brush. This area of Texas is known for its trophy WhiteTail deer. Las Lomas Ranch is located 80 miles South of Laredo Texas, and 8 miles North of Roma Texas, in Starr County.

Judge Eloy Vera, a native of Starr County, acquired the ranch in the early 1980s with the idea of breeding cattle and family recreation. However, Las Lomas Ranch has since been transformed into a trophy whitetail deer paradise.

Over the last ten years, Judge Vera and his son Eloy Vera Jr., have continued to improve the ranch habitat with improvement projects, in corporation with United States Natural Resources Conservation Services. They have enhanced the deer herd by instituting a strict management program. This includes high fencing, continuous supplemental feeding , food plots, and improving the deer genetic pool. The genetic pool continues to be improved by the addition of a whitetail breeding program that includes artificial insemination done by Dr. Ray Favero.

The scientific breeding program has become the foundation of their deer herd. The doe are inseminated with some of the best semen in North America. They release quality bred deer into the open range, adding diversity to the existing deer genetic pool.

Las Lomas Ranch is nearly 2,000 acres of mostly South Texas brush. The ranch contains seven water ponds that provide excellent water source for the wildlife and a great fishing opportunity for their guests. Under the guidance of Eloy Vera Jr., long time ranch and deer enthusiast, the native habitat is optimized by frequent planting of food plots, brush control, and continuous supplement protein feeding.

Limited management and trophy hunts are available. In addition, limited number of one and two year old bucks, fawns and mature open and bred doe are available for sale. Anyone interested should contact us for further details. Your hunting or deer breeding experience will be unforgettable!

Las Lomas Ranch Pond at Las Lomas Ranch Breeder Buck and Doe