Las Lomas Ranch

Scientific Breeding Program

The Las Lomas Ranch scientific deer breeding program assures the best quality for our investment. We use proven scientific breeding methods to ensure that nature has room to work its wonders. The result is the best whitetail deer genetics. Las Lomas Ranch has been raising whitetail deer since the 90s. Our commitment is to produce the highest quality, healthy, heavy antler deer. We use some of the best whitetail deer bloodlines available in the country.

Improving the genetic pool

With the goal of maximizing our gene pool, Las Lomas Ranch utilizes an aggressive artificial insemination program. Our breeder does have bloodlines from some of the best genetics in Texas plus some with Northern genetics. Some of our doe bloodlines include: Handsome, Paco, Baker44, Antler King, Cortizone, Clint and others.

These genetically superior does are artificially inseminated by Dr. Ray Fevero with semen from some of the best bucks in Texas and from North America. Some of our artificial insemination bucks include: Gladiator (294@ 4yrs), BB Peanut (TDA 2004 "Best in Show"), Double Take (235 BC@ 3yrs.), Maxbo (378BC @ 6), Dr. "D" ( 200.1/8 B&C ), Briar Patch Jr. ( 302 B&C ), and many other high quality bucks.

Briar Patch AI sire
Gladiator AI sire
BB Peanut AI sire
Double Take AI sire
Dr D AI sire
Maxbo AI sire

All of our Texas/Northern crossbred deer are acclimated to deep South Texas weather. Our goal is to have a slight amount of Northern influence in our mostly Texas deer to increase our bucks’ antler size and maintain our genetic resistance to South Texas diseases.


Our state-of-the-art deer pens and handling facility are designed to insure the safe handling and to minimize the stress to our deer. Our air-conditioned deer handling facility incorporates the "Papa Deer Handler" by Delclanyna.

The layout of our 9 pens is designated to allow deer movement without the need of darting. The pens range in size from ½ acre to 1 ½ acres. All pens and alleys are 10 ft. wire fence. Each pen contains covered shelters to protect our deer from the elements and a 20ft. x 20ft. covered shelter to protect feed. Alfalfa, high quality protein feed and fresh water are provided to each pen continuously.

Deer feeders

Our animal health program insures all animals are in excellent health. All our deer are wormed quarterly and vaccinated in a timely manner.

Deer facilites
Dr. Ray Fevero
Eloy Vera Jr.

All our doe fawns and some of our buck fawns are bottle-fed. Even though this practice is expensive and laborious, it is also advantageous. Does are generally easier to handle and less stressed when handling. This results in a better conception rate when breeding.

Fawns bottle fed
Fawn pen
Feeding fawns

Deer For Sale

Each year Las Lomas Ranch offers few high quality deer for sale. All our deer are mostly Texas genetics with a small Northern influence to improve antler size. All our deer are acclimated to extreme South Texas weather and all its diseases.

Las Lomas Ranch has open and bred does, breeder bucks and fawns. We also offer semen from all our breeder bucks at very reasonable prices.